Friday, January 23, 2009

Pitch for Hound in Blood and Black

As the title implies, here be my pitch:

The undead are everywhere in popular culture, from video and board games to novels and films. Even my two-year-old nephew claims that zombies live in grandpa’s garage.

HOUND IN BLOOD AND BLACK, 102,000 words, is speculative fiction, and explores a new kind of future where it isn’t just about running from and killing the undead, but about the survivors who turn humanity’s leftovers into something spectacular.

It’s a dirty world. The center of the continents is filled with dust and undead. Clean water and peaceful sleep are things of the past. After all, a barricade of rusted metal, broken glass and people with guns isn’t always enough to keep the dead out. And for some, it’s all about letting them in.

Kumari is a wrangler, a poacher and a gambler who catches undead and fights them in the pit as gladiators. It’s not a pretty, but it’s good enough. All Kumari has ever wanted to do, just like everyone else, is to live and die without becoming a monster.

Kumari’s simple life is tested with a wager against her fiercest rival – a gamble that could cost her everything. The bet yields complicated results, and Kumari finds herself in possession of the slave and child-whore Heaven. Granting the girl freedom is the first in an avalanche of events, and Kumari faces the death of a treasured friend after she is forced to pull the trigger. From there, mere survival becomes much more complicated.

As Heaven struggles between the acceptance of misery and the chance to live for herself, Kumari stares in the maw of her greatest fear when she is bitten by an undead and the death she believes so strongly in is threatened.

Anyone have any thoughts? I'm listening. :)

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