Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm back!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season! I'm home again, back to work and ready to resume the blogging.

Looks like I'm done day counting for ZG. Right now I'm around 102,000 words. I'd guess about another 2-3k and this monster will be done!!! I worked over the holidays and while I can't claim completion just yet, I can say that I produced 100k words in two months and got 1/3 of the manuscript edited (in terms of draft 1 editing, not final editing). Hot diggity!

From here I need to finish the last chapter and the second half of my epilogue. I may start editing before I'm completely finished just to break things up a little. Once I finish finish, I plan on doing a full read through, start to finish. Crunch time is here. Only 28 days until the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest opens.

Serious Business.

Anyone have a spare bowl I can use to catch my eyeballs when they fall out of my head?

Oh, I'll post some pictures from my vacation soon enough!

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