Friday, January 23, 2009

Archiving my tally

I think it's time to put this away. For the record, here is the silly tally I kept while writing "Hound in Blood and Black" - aka ZG.

Genre: Speculative Fiction
Guppies: 0
Screaming: lots
Characters I've killed: 7, not counting the jeep
Cannibalism: None - unless zombies eating zombies counts?
Fingers removed and thrown at people: 1
Colored Chalk: Big box of it
Lemon trees: 1
Broken Noses: 2
Broken Metacarpals: 3
Unrequited love: 1
Evil Plot Bunny: 1
Hate Mail For Jenn: Growing
Sandalwood paste: 4 oz.
White Dogs with Stupid Names: Cut - turns out I don't really want a dog in this book.
Copies of The Divine Comedy: 1
Sharks: You can has them!
Jeep: Back. Also green, something I didn't notice until about chapter 23.
Agnst: Oh yea, baby! Enough for everybody!
Ocean swims: 2
Significant rocks: 1
Moonshine: Four bottles
Breach: 2
Bites: 3
Bath: 1
Black Flags: 2
Rooftop Promenade: 1S
uper Tarp: 1
Nail polish: Yes
Fork of Doom: 1
Cafeteria: 1
Coffee: 7 cups
Fini: YES!

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