Friday, December 19, 2008

ZG: Day 47 & 48 - Snowpacolypse

Day 47: 2,307
Day 48: 0

Wednesday was rather quiet, the threat of the snow storm of doom hanging over our heads. I managed to stay focused, even in the face of such great peril, and got my word count done for the day. Thursday, however, was the end of days, snow storm style. The day was filled with snowball fights, free lunch, boogle death matches, and other not so productive activities. Despite not writing and being under a winter weather watch, it was a pretty fun day! I walked, to avoid dangerous roads in favor of dangerous sidewalks, and by the time I left to go how the storm was slowing down a little.

Still, it was pretty, a good inch or two on the ground. The really issue was the biting cold that equates to nasty ice over night. Hence my choice to hoof it instead of go wheels.

It was excellent packing snow, making great ammo for the snowball war that took place earlier in the afternoon.

About halfway home I realized the true danger was not the snow, but rather the wildlife.

To me, this picture says: "Oh snap! I'm gonna get eaten by a bear!"

Lucky for me, these were the only bears I met on my walk home. Shew.

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