Friday, December 5, 2008

ZG: Day 34 - Editing. You needs it.

Words: 943
Editing: lots

So, yesterday I tried a different method of attack. I wrote a little first, then starting my editing. At least I had a little bit of creativity yesterday. Otherwise, I trucked through everything but the last nine pages of editing. So, easily finished today. For the sake of perspective, part one is 59 pages according to Word. I have one chapter and about 4k words left to edit on this section. Then, off it goes to my new critiquing/writing group for feedback.

I wanted to push through it last night, but I just had to take a break. My eyes were getting so tired, so I started to doubt I was catching all my probable mistakes.

So I took a short break to play more NWN2. And what did I learn for that experience? I'm not the only one who needs an editor! Luckily for me, right now at least, my mistakes are in my first draft, not a finished product like, say, a video game for example. I was quite perturbed when my quest giver told me to go west, when the thing I was looking for ended up being to the east. Tsk, tsk Obsidian! And they have people they pay to edit!

I've seen a few grammar errors here and there in the text of various video games, and I grin because I sympathize with how hard it can be to catch EVERY error, especially after looking at the same thing for months. However, my sympathy waned a little after walking in circles for fifteen minutes. In the west.

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