Monday, December 1, 2008

ZG: Day 28, 29 & 30 - Writing and Not Writing

Day 28: 4,756
Day 29: 0
Day 30: 2,390

Well, if you average those three days together I made my word count "per day" minimum. Still, I need to move away from this developing habit of double days and nothing days. Focus, focus!

So, what did I do with my weekend besides write and not write?

Saturday was the ultimate nothing day. I can't say I did anything productive, besides migrating my characters on Warhammer Online to the higher population server of Ungrim. I'm not sure if that really counts as productive, per say. It was video game day! After some nice RvR in Warhammer, I move on to some matches of Civilization IV with Erik. For lunch we had some leftover turkey translated into our sandwiches of choice.

His: Butter pickles, sliced bread, turkey, and stuffing
Hers: Mini sub roll, turkey, stuffing, mayo, salt, pepper, and cranberry sauce

Then my smart self decides we should watch 28 Weeks Later at 9:30 at night. Yea, that worked out great. That movie is as awesome as it is scary as hell. Much more intense, violent and graphic than the first movie, 28 Days Later. As soon as the movie ended Erik started yelling at me, as it was clear that neither of us was going to be sleeping any time soon, at it was almost midnight. Hahaha! Awesome movie though. The Guppy recommends: Watch in daylight, with all the blinds open and someone to snuggle with. And for all those who are curious, yes, I had more zombie dreams. Again. And I'm starting to look outside and wonder what Issaquah might look like if the end of the world came to my town. Over saturation much? The fog all weekend did nothing to help this mindset.

Sunday I was a good girl and did my writing. Made some nice progress, and set up the scene for the next action packed event my characters will be struggling through. Hey, it's a post-apocalyptic world. Life sucks, yo.

After some more Civ IV and Left 4 Dead, Erik and I went to Applebee's and pigged out, then went to see Bolt. Very cute movie. The digital cartoons are awfully fun this year. And I needed something else besides zombies in my day, like puppies and sunshine.

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