Monday, December 15, 2008

ZG: Day 41, 42, 43 & 44 - Snow, Gambling, World Domination and Via la Bob!

Day 41: 1,970
Day 42: 0
Day 43: 2,191
Day 44: 0

Oh snap. Looks like my little butt is falling behind schedule. Hmph. Interesting.

While Thursday was pretty uneventful, Friday was a hot mess. It was the annual Turkey Toss here at work, which means the entire Human Resources department unboxes, bags, and hands out turkeys for the home office. So, about 3,000 birds were looking for home. Oh, did I mention this took place during a winter storm? Hmph. Nothing says fun like lugging twenty pound birds from box to cart, pushing the carts into the freight elevator (which, I might add by the way, is scary as hell), running the carts across the street to the warehouse during a torrential downpour of bitterly cold rain, and nearly getting killed by some psycho in a minivan. Awesome.

Friday was hard work, without much time spent at the desk, and was culminated by a team building trip to the local casino. Now this was the real fun. We had a few drinks and I learned a little bit about the blackjack tables. I ordered WAY too much sushi. Then we moved on to the penny slots, where Coyote Moon, my old friend from Vegas, took all my money. I lost about $40 in twenty minutes. So I went and blew another twenty on different slot machines, like Jackpot Party. Unfortunately, I poopered on Steve's jackpot party (meaning I picked the icon on the screen that ended his bonus spins). It really was a fun night, sadly cut short by the incoming snow storm.

Saturday was a big fun day of nothing, including sleeping in and playing lots of video games. I did, however, remember to write. Erik and I also started a new anime, Ergo Proxy, which is confusing as hell but super cool. The main chick reminds me of Kumari, my main character in ZG. It also is a post-apocalyptic setting, which is yummy.

Sunday. Well, I just kind of forgot to write. Erik and I killed some zombies over breakfast and then started checking out some mods for Civ IV, which turned into quite the adventure in experimentation. Then it was time for the most important thing of the day: the Survivor Finale.

Bob. You are still the bomb. I'm sad I don't get to watch you on the glowing box once a week anymore.

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