Friday, December 19, 2008

The reason people have pets...

is to torture them of course!

I love throwing my cats in the snow. It's hilarious to watch them shake their little paws and examine the strange white cold stuff with pained interest. Aside from a few days ago when we had a light dusty of snow, I don't think I've ever forced Kyra to check it out. Chunky, on the other hand, has been tossed out the front door into a pile of snow four feet deep before.

Chunky always sits nice for the camera, like this, apparently unaware of the evil scheme in the mix.

Add whatever caption you think might be correct for this. Something along the lines of "I'm with stupid" or "I don't know that cat" might be appropriate.

Anyway, here is the staging ground for kitteh snow adventure on my balcony.

And Erik bringing the unknowing Kyra, aka Sausage, out for some fun.

So we plop her down on the table, and she proceeds to howl like the world is ending.

Over and over, unable to wrap her little brain around the concept that moving and going back in the house would solve the problem of her cold little toes.

Chunky sayz: "Like dis." As she walks back inside as soon as I set her in the snow.

So I pick her up for a minute and let Kyra go inside, before bring her back out into the snow for more fun. As you can see here, her totis are not happy about returning to the cold place. But, as you can guess, I set her down anyway. This time she apparently grew a brain for a nanosecond, and turned around to jump off the table. With a quick reaction, Erik shut the glass door, thinking to deter her escape. Well, things backfired slightly.

This is me, LMAO. When Erik shut the door, Kyra was looking at her paws and jumped without glancing back up. Look before you leap? Nope. She jumped into the closed door at full force, smacking her head hard enough to make the "DWONG" sound against the glass. Laws of momentum applied, and her butt and legs lifted completely into the air. It was HILARIOUS.

Kyra, as evidence by her tail, did not find this as funny as we did.

In fact, she looked a little perturbed by the whole situation.

Don't worry, I snatched her up and gave her a good snuggle for her troubles.

As you can see here, no permanent damage. Though, in the great scheme of things, I'm not sure if it would have mattered anyway. Still, we love you anyway Sausage Bear. Despite her lack of any semblance of a brain, she's a sweetheart.

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