Monday, December 22, 2008

ZG: Day 49, 50 & 51 - More snow, less writing

Day 49: 2,045 words
Day 50: 0 words
Day 51: 0 words

Snowpacalpyse continues, and I found myself doing some serious slacking off this weekend. Perhaps it was due to the lazy feelings 6-8 inches of snowfall inspires. Whatever the case may be, I expect I'll be spending whatever the amount of time my flight is delayed on my laptop, catching up.

Saturday we stayed indoors and tried a new mod for Civ IV called Fall from Heaven 2. Awesome. I wish we would have found it sooner. It's exactly what I've been looking for - something that turns Civ IV into a slightly different game, with different goals. It was awesome fun. I'm sure we'll be playing it some more with Erik's cousin when I get home after the New Year.

Sunday the snow just kept coming, and we braved the elements for some Qudoba burrito babies and a trip to Freddie's for trash bags, noodles, mac & cheese, and Age of Empires III (an RTS (real time strategy) game for the computer). I was Spanish and Erik was the Germans. The goal is to beat up the other colonies on the new world. You make all kinds of little units, and build different types of buildings for producing different trade goods and military peeps. RTS isn't my favorite type of game play, as you can't pause when you play with other people. The first matched ended with Erik and I building everything we could, then blowing each other up with mini cannons and musketeers. Later, we repeatedly conquered the computer as a team. It's nice to play something where the games are short, and one of the really cool features is that you can level up your "home city" and get special things to send to your colony from the motherland. Overall, $30 well spent.

Oh, and we took the kitties out in the snow again, so here's some pictures of that and other general snow fun. For anyone who uses facebook, I have a bunch of different pictures up there as well.

That would be Erik's tush, all up in my picture. Check out the snow progress on the little table. This was Sunday afternoon, around 1:00 pm or so.

Here's the snow on the rail.

Kyra sayz: "Oh noes, not again! DO NOT WANT!!!!"

Then she stopped crying, and watched the snow fall.

Chunky was much more calm and interested in what was going on.

Okay, maybe she wasn't that interested. But she didn't hate it.

Here's a shot down the street. It was really coming down! Nice big fluffy flakes make for some very pretty scenery.

And that was about enough snow for Chunky and I. Might be pretty, but it's damn cold out here! Like my hat? That's swag from PAX 2008.

For all her whining, Kyra was very curious about the snow.

This picture is from this morning before I left for work. As you can see, the table has a lot more snow on it.

And a shot on my cell phone from the walk into work. A chilly, but fun, morning stroll.


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