Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ZG: Day 24 - Erik's B-day!

Got in 1,223 words yesterday. Not bad, not great.

When Erik got home from work, I made him open his gifts. I got him a bunch of swag for his side of the dork room, based on his two favorite animes, Trigun and Full Metal Alchemist.

Then we went to Costco to stare at big TVs. I was actually in the warehouse during the day, and found myself completely fascinated by Blu-Ray. It felt like I was in the movie Transformers, and Megan Fox actually looked human! Crazy. Don't worry though, I resisted. I still don't have a 50" flat screen TV. Some day, some day.

Next we went to a Thai place on Gilman St (the "main street" of Issaquah). Was pretty interesting. We had a seared beef appetizer, and shared cinnamon duck and pineapple fried rice. Afterwards, we went to Baskin Robins. Erik had two scoops, since it was his birthday!

We got home a little before Heroes, so I played a bit of Warhammer while Erik did the rounds of family birthday well wishing on the phone. We watched Heroes, which was a pretty decent episode. Then it was bedtime for us old people. Heh..

Oh, at the top right side of my blog here you can see my winner artwork from NaNoWriMo. Spiffy stuff! I can't decide which one I like better, so I just slapped 'em both up there.

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