Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NaNoWriMo: Synopsis

I've been taking part in some critiquing threads over on the NaNoWriMo forums, so I figured I'd post my synopsis in-progress here. Check it out:

The world is ash. Humanity clings to the edges of the continents, leaving the center lands to the corrupted and walking dead. Society has rebuilt itself, with the undead serving as the center of commerce through arena warfare. Wranglers and herders capture wilds, the unchecked undead, and pit them against one another as warriors; gladiators. Gambling, murder, and true death are the philosophies that make a forsaken Earth continue turning on an empty axis.

Kumari, a wrangler whose family was lost, exists to survive; the only fight in her soul is that she will decide the means of her own death. Driven by the need for food and water, Kumari achieves success in the arena, fueled by her uncanny ability to select the perfect gladiator from the wandering hordes. When a gamble against her fiercest rival turns sour, Kumari uncovers his scam and takes from him his treasured child-whore, Heaven.

As Heaven struggles somewhere between the disruption of her compliancy and acceptance of misery, and the chance live for herself, Kumari stares in the maw of her only fear when she is bitten by a wild, and the death she believes so strongly in is threatened.

Oh, by the way, this work in progress is still called "The NaNoWriMo book" or "ZG" which means zombie gladiators. Apparently, I've lost the ability to come up with titles.

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