Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NaNoWriMo: Days 6-10

Well, time flies when you're mixing fun with suffering.

Day 6: 3,106 - a little short of my 3,600 mini goal, but not bad.

Day 7: That's funny...I don't have a document for that day, because I did a big fat 0 words. I don't if this is an acceptable excuse, but I had an all day meeting Friday, which left my noodle moodled. And not in a good way. Yay for working a bit ahead of schedule. Though my nice spreadsheet tracker had to fill in a space with a big NEVER in red and yellow, reminding me so kindly that writing 0 words a day will result in one NEVER reaching their goal. Thanks Excel, I needed that wonderful boost of confidence.

Day 8 & 9: The weekend. I must say, I had some lack of motivation. I just wanted to slack off. I wanted to play video games and did. I went shopping with Erik for a new mattress - which is king sized and very comfortable, I might add - and then for sheets, and a big dish to cook our turkey in for Thanksgiving. We went out to eat. Watched TV and movies. While we waited for the mattress to be dropped off on Sunday, we played some Civ IV. I got level 31 on my Witch Elf in Warhammer Online. Went to the grocery store and got toys for the cats. Played with cats, took pictures of cats.

Never fear. I got 2,020 words on Day 8 and 1,689 on Day 9. Just goes to show me that despite everything else I want/need/must do, there's always time to write if I tie myself to the chair and MAKE myself do it.

Day 10: Another all day meeting at work, which I expected to leave me with another goose egg for a word count. However, Erik and I went out to eat, bought lots of candy from Trader Joe's, and saw a movie (Madagascar 2), and when I got home I found some motivation. In 30 minutes - before Heroes started - I pumped out 936 words. I was proud of myself though. When I started NaNoWriMo, I was planning for these two days of meetings (day 7 and 10) to be a sure mojo killer, part of the reason I've been pushing myself to get in extra words as often as possible.

Now that work is back to normal, I'm sure my writing will be back to normal. In fact, it already is. I'm 250ish words away from hitting today's 1,667.

Now to get level 32, so I can go play with the big boys in Bastion Stair.

Uh, after I hit 1,667 words, of course.

Priorities, yo.

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