Sunday, November 23, 2008

NaNoWriMo: Days 21 & 22 - Achivement and Word Count Eater

I did it!

Day 21: Weak sauce. 842 words. I think I was having performance anxiety, as I was about to write a very important scene.

Day 22: 3,648 words, pushing me over the 50k mark! Apparently, I got over it. I got into some really tide turning, page turning (hopefully) plot evolution. I think it turned out okay.

So my first total was 50,153 words. I made a combined document for the NaNoWriMo counter, and cut out a few things that really didn't count towards my word total (such as the date on each document). So after punching it in the offical word counter my new total is:

50,048! Woo! Still over 50k! Hahaha!

So, now comes the next step. 100k.

With the pacing of the book, I except the end to clock out around the 100k mark, hopefully a little sooner being that I already know I need to go back and make a few changes and add some more text. I plan to do excerpts at the beginning of each chapter, which I started skipping around chapter four of what I have. I needed to keep moving, and the little excerpts require some deeper thought. Plus, since I didn't really know what was happening in each chapter (at least the details) it became hard to guess what I should be writing. Anyway, that should add to the word count when everything is said and done. There's also some information I needed to include that was left out, simply because I was moving to fast. So, as NaNoWriMo tells me to, I didn't go back, but left myself some markers in the document. That stuff will make editing a little more interesting, so I'm feeling good about it.

According to my updated spreadsheet, my new word goal per day is 1,924 to get to 100k by December 22. If I don't make it, me and my laptop will be eating some time out of my vacation, which I'd like to avoid. On an upside, this could easily tank out earlier than 100k - at least what I have left to write, and not including things I need to flesh out.

So, if anyone wants to keep tracking my process, the header for this will now be:

ZG: Day #

Yes, ZG means Zombie Gladiators. No, there is no title yet. Gr.

This month has been one of the best things I've ever done for my writing, both in confidence and sheer motivation.

Onward, zombies, to February 1 11:59 p.m. (the day I need to be ready to submit for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award).

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