Friday, November 21, 2008

NaNoWriMo: Day 20 - I hate jeeps. Sugar is the bomb. Bob is my hero.

Wrote 2,481 words last night. Getting into a good groove, with lots and lots of action and excitement in the upcoming chapter. Oh, and I took care of the jeep. Took care of it nice and good.

I killed the jeep. HAH! You hear that, little characters? Hold up my progress and you're gonna get it! Anyone who's a writer will understand the excitement I feel for off'ing an inanimate object. The rest of you can credit it to insanity, if you must.

On a side note: Sugar and Bob from Survivor are pure awesomeness. Did you SEE that episode last night? HILARIOUS! Dude so got what was coming to him. IN. HIS. FACE! This should certainly be one of the crowning moments of Survivor sexiness. Oh and Bob, I never knew you had a little bit of evil in you. *sniff* I'm so proud. Makes me even more excited that my character Rem looks exactly like you.

Unfortunately, I'm still in third place in Fantasy Survivor. Matty, get voted off, kplsthx. You're cramping my style, being that you're the MVP for the two people who are beating me. I so should have picked Bob for my MVP...

Do you think I'd freak Bob out if I sent him fan mail?

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