Thursday, November 20, 2008

NaNoWriMo: Day 19 - Indecisiveness and Scrabble

3,166 words. I has productivity! I was going to write more, but I couldn't make a decision about what I'm going to with the jeep in my manuscript. Sounds devastatingly interesting, doesn't it? Perhaps, it also appears that the answer should be very uncomplicated. Well...uh...

Where is that runty pink rabbit when I have an actual use for his services...

Anyway. Pft. I still haven't made a decision. And I'm bogged down with little tasks and busy work today at work, so I haven't given it any further consideration. Apparently sleeping on it didn't magically provide me with the answer either. Though I did have a crazy dream about Dr. House, a hotel, and running away from a group of assassins on the roof top of said hotel in the rain.

Anyway. Last night I thought I might be able to hit 50k today. I think, perhaps, my optimism may have been a little extreme.

Oh, last night Erik and I played Scrabble. I lost by like 10 points - GRRR! (well, more if you don't count "IQ", which I only resorted to after I let Erik put "Lace" on the board after he said his turn was over and had I played "Que." Hmph!) I blame Erik's strategic placement of "Toe", which blocked 1/3 of the board off for the rest of the game, for my loss. He also played "Than" right where I wanted to put "Noodle". Well, if you look at the picture you can see it was a pretty good game. Oh and "Ripples" - just wanted to point out that would be my word.

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