Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NaNoWriMo: Day 18 (otherwise known as the day of three W's)

Writing, Warhammer and Wall*E day.

I put in 1,876 words yesterday, just enough to squeak me over the 40k mark. That's pretty neat. Means I'll finish about a week or so ahead schedule. By finish, I mean write 50k words. Finish, in all its bendable definition, does not refer to the end of my manuscript. I'm guesstimating I'll come in around 100k. Which means, this puppy needs to be finished, as in finished-finished as in rough draft finished, before I leave for my holiday vacation in December. This is because January will be the month that ate my soul, otherwise known as the month I spend editing until my eyes bleed.

Warhammer Online started their newest live event (for those of you who were wondering, I did get my pretty mask from the Halloween event last month). Here's the details, if anyone wants to know more about it. This new event is called Heavy Metal and is introducing two new classes to the game. Last night I popped on for about half an hour to do my daily live event task (I get points and fun little items, woo!) and if I do the tasks every day for the next two weeks, I get to play the new classes early. Meh, I'm more excited to be able to secure a name for a character I might never play, than actually playing the new class. Hehe!

Bought Wall*E on DVD last might and watched it with Erik. Love that movie! Anyone who hasn't seen it yet should check it out. One word of warning! Don't watch the Burn*E short film unless you've seen the movie. It gives away all about the main movie, so watch it afterwards. The Presto short film, however, is completely unrelated to the movie, ergo, safe to watch ahead of time.

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