Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NaNoWriMo: Day 17 (complete with shopping extras and pictures)

It went well. I hit about 3,100 words, putting my total at 38,140.

I might have written more, but Erik and I went to Freddie's to pick up a few things, which evolved into getting a few things for Thanksgiving and Christmas including, but not limited to:

a tree, a turkey, a baster, two really big knives, a thermometer, three boxes of ornaments (of which two sets are purple), Christmas kitty place mats, white lights for the balcony, silly Christmas presents for my co-workers, a two pronged fork for poking the turkey while Erik cuts it (I don't use big knives. It's bad for my fingers and his toes), and an extension cord

I guess being away from the warehouse has lessened my rabid hatred for all things Christmas. Though when Erik started singing Christmas songs, I did threaten his life. Some wounds may never heal.

Here are some pics:

Erik, contemplating how to make the branches look as fluffy and real tree as possible.

Kyra, watching Erik as she plays with her most favoritest toy ever. Yes. That would be a twisty tie.

My lame attempt at making an artsy-fartsy picture of the ornaments I picked out.

Tada! Our little tree, with the cats in hot pursuit.

Chunky Butt approves this festive decor!

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