Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What lives on my desk.

I went over to the NaNoWriMo forums and found a fun topic: What is on your desk?

I did my work desk, since I'm sitting here now and I sometimes get the time to do some personal writing when I should be working. Here's my post:

Oh boy. You asked for it!

Well, since I'm at work now and will be doing some of my writing at work (shhhhhh) here goes, starting on the left:

my purse, my keys, phone, stack of notes for NaNoWriMo stapled together, folder with work stuff, nine cubical clips, four lolcats pictures, tack board (containing: one photo, one photo xmas card from 2007, the definition of the word "skeevy", magnets, a push pin shaped like a little man), 3/4 full bottle of water, can of Diet Coke, coaster, black pen, yellow highlighter, paper holder, Purell, post-it notes, business card for a friend who does photography, two monitors, keyboard, picture frame of me and the boyfriend, two tiny plastic dragons (one purple, one red), coffee mug which says "Corporate Goth: Alt.Gothic.Fashion", sticker that says "Emerald City: Wizard", stack of my own business cards, a post it note with my Jan/Feb deadlines, two post-it notes regarding phone calls I need to make, purple bracelet that says "Merch Day", little stuffed animal white tiger, little stuffed animal of mini Totoro, earphones, mouse, mouse pad with wrist guard, birthday card with a cat on it from co-workers, snow globe of Delaware, pen shaped like a bird with feathers, badge from Photoshop World 2008, lamp, bamboo plant named Bert, mini Hanging Gardens of Babylon, tape dispenser, books (Adobe Photoshop CS3, 08 Photoshop Training Manual, packet of paperwork, 2009 Writer's Market, InDesign, Photoshop CS3), more cubical clips, two pictures of the family, NaNoWriMo calendar with word count goals, mini poster of "The only 12 1/2 rules for writing you'll ever need", another lolcat picture, stuffed Cactar, two apples, Thailand collector’s Olympic games can of Coke (looks like it says Erin, my name), mini orange beach ball, t-shirt from the company bowling party I didn't go to, granola bar, stuffed Chocobo, four tier paper tray filled with random paperwork, two bars of soap from England, a picture of a castle in England, peanut butter, stapler, cup filled with pens (including a purple fuzzy one with a Peep on the end), more folders of work stuff, stuffed angel fish, magnet of a bear wearing a UofD t-shirt, magnet of Simon the Safety Cone, lizard magnet, caricature of me as Angelina Jolie from the movie Wanted, magnet with a guide to recycling, and a keychain from Florida.

I have a huge workspace, so most of the clutter is well organized, believe it or not!

I just moved into my new place and bought a new desk, so sadly the one at home only has my computer on it right now.

That, my friends, is what one might call epic.

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