Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The WAR goes on and on!

Whew, things have been busy. That, however, has not prevented me from cranking my way through Warhammer Online with great enthusiasm.

My thoughts: 9/10 fo sure.


Public Quests - a quest that anyone walking by can join, which has a number of parts. Based on your contribution (i.e. how much you heal, how much damage you do, etc) you receive a rating when the quest is over. This rating determines if you get a bonus to your roll for loot. Then, a random roll from 0-1000 takes place, which your contribution bonus is added to. Roll big = yum yum lootzors. I like it for a number of reasons. First, other quests often involve killing monsters that are quests monsters, allowing for the whole two birds with one stone mentality. Also, you gain influence for participation, which eventually leads to rewards - so if you never are lucky enough to roll high, you'll still get a reward for hard work. In addition, these promote easy team work - open parties let you jump in with people doing the same quest, making for seamless cooperation and not spending hours looking for a group.

RvR - This is what the game is built for - Realm vs Realm, which basically pits you against other players from the opposite side. Good verses evil on an epic scale. There are a number of ways to RvR - you can do a scenario, which is a 15 minute match. These have different rule sets depending on which you enter, and normally it doesn't take too long to get selected to join. As a bonus, you can take quests which will give exp and money upon completion related to the different scenarios. Also, there are sections of each zone that are dedicated to RvR. So if you don't feel like waiting in line, you can just jump in these "lakes" and fight fight fight. The only downside is if there are no enemies players in the zone, you won't have anyone to fight. The other thing that makes RvR fun is Renown. You gain RR (renown ranks) for killing other players and participating in Scenarios and other RvR related events/items. Essentially, this is a second leveling system, which gives your character access to cool gear, skills, and character enhancements.

Crafting - The system still needs a little work, and is defiantly hindered by a buggy Auction House, but whoever decided to allow you to craft ANYWHERE at ANYTIME deserves a cookie. You can even craft while your walking or riding your mount. That alone makes the system the bomb. As for usefulness of the crafted items, I'm personally too low to see huge benefits, but the potions I make for myself have proven helpful in both RvR and PvE.

Dual Targeting - If anyone has a ever played a healing class, you know the pain it is to try to target both a hostile mob and the players you need to keep alive. WAR fixes this, allowing you to target two things at once - one ally and one enemy. Again, someone get these people some cookies!

Maps - They show a red highlighted section over the general area where you can find the monsters/quest items/NPC/etc. Very nice.

As for not so awesome:

The game as a few graphical bugs, which happen pretty often. Is it game breaking? No way, but hopefully it will be fixed along the way.

The auction house not sorting stuff properly and only showing a limited number of results sucks, but I'm sure it will be fixed soon.

I might be mistaken, but it appears that Order has more moves that bind players in place - perhaps a balance issue to be considered? Or I might just be mistaken. Also, the Sorcerer's bind spell seems to be much less effective as compared to the Engineer, Shadow Warrior and Bright Wizard.

The "Target Out of Range" message when the monster appears to be standing on top of you is my only major grip. I really would like to see that fixed VERY soon. Nothing worse than running in circles around something while your dying and you can't hit them back. This is a PvE issue.

There's lots of other things I like, but this post is kinda long. Oh yea! One other thing I like is the "Realm War" page, which lets you type in a character name to check out their gear, rank, level and stats. Very nice touch. (Seemed to be broken for a few days, but is apparently working again.)

Check out my characters:
Erinyes - Witch Elf
Jessari - Disciple of Khaine

And this is the Guild Erik and I joined (Another cool thing is that your guild also levels up as the characters do. Neat neat!):
The Black Dawn

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