Friday, October 17, 2008

To Dallas I go

A friend of Erik's is getting married this weekend, so we're flying down to attend the happy event. We leave this afternoon for Dallas, and shall return Sunday night. Everyone knows these trips - the ones that are far too short, yet tons of fun, and leave you wishing you had a rock to hide under come Monday.

Erik is very excited to take me to all the places he ate at during his year long stay in Dallas, including a fancy pizza place and a Thai place that has coconut curry chicken. As all I heard about for the better part of a year (as far as being related to food) was how delicious this particular Asian cuisine is, I'm looking forward to giving it a NOM NOM NOM!

My one small wish is that I had been better about exercising and eating well these last few months. I've packed on a few pounds, and my little black dress hides none of that. Perhaps this is just the motivation I've been needing to tip the scales from "I'm getting a little pudgy but I'm too lazy to remedy the situation" to "Holy cellulite Batman! Get that hiney on the elliptical, stat!"

Watch for headlines: "Ghetto Booty invades Dallas!"

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