Thursday, October 9, 2008

The New Diggs (as Washingtonians are fond of saying)

So, after much delay, here are some photos of my new townhouse that I'm renting with Erik. Ignore the mess. We'll start on the top floor.

This is the Dork Room. It is, indeed, the larger of the two bedrooms. It will, indeed, house our computers and an ungodly amount of gamer and other assorted dorky swag.

This is larger of the two bathrooms. But, since Erik is understandably fed up with cat litter in between his-tosis, we gave up the larger bathroom for happy feet. That, and this way we can lock the cats out of the bedroom at night, and not smell the wonderful fragrance of poop while trying to sleep.

This is the hallway leading out from the Dork Room, looking into our bedroom. On the left, are closets!

Yay, washer and dryer! Right next to the bedroom. Very convenient.

Here's the bedroom.

And the bedroom closet.

And the bedroom bathroom. Those who know me well should recognize something very important here. That's right. The shower curtain. I bought this curtain in Greece, in 2002. I tossed it in the shopping basket with some food at the local market. After checking out, I was a little confused, and upon looking at my receipt I realized they had charged me $50 for the damn piece of plastic. I asked for a refund (as best I could, ya know, not speaking the language) and was told that my only option was store credit. Well, we were leaving the next day, so I certainly wasn't going to spend $50 on food in that time. So the curtain came with me, and I will have that thing hanging in my bathroom til the day I die. And for $50, it better last me that long.

Here is the inside of the garage. Yes, 97.8% of this is my crap. Ask Erik. He'd be more than happy to confirm.

Finally, here is the outside, when you fist walk up. Yes, that's my little car. Yes, it still has Delaware plates.

Once the dork room is in full dorky glory, I'll take a few pictures of it. Til then, thanks for visiting!

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