Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I want a dog-cat.

So Savannah cats look really cool. You can walk them on a leash, and they get HUGE. But, they still use a litter pan and otherwise function as your normal house cat. Except bigger, smarter and super playful.

Seems like the F1's are little too "wild" for what I'd like - basically because they don't like to be very cuddly. F2 and F3's seem a bit more like what I would want in cat, while maintaining SUPER sized-ness. Boys of course are larger, which makes me consider getting a male - something I've been set against after living with a really retarded male cat that I HATED. However, before that I lived with Le'Cinda's cat Sammy, who was a very sweet tomcat.

Before even considering this seriously, I'd have to find out more about how the savannah cats react to other cats - even though everything on the site says they love other pets. Also, these kittehs ain't cheap. However, F2 and F3 males are sterile, which means they are only sold as pets and not breeders. This translates to a lower cost.

I'm still working on Erik. He seems interested, as long as he's not forced to clean up dog-sized cat poop. Regardless, it would be a long time before I could get one anyway. First off, they stay with the breeders until 10-12 weeks old. Second, I need to save some money before I consider dropping $1k-$3k on a pet.

Maybe next spring? I can has dog-cat?

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