Tuesday, October 7, 2008


(Some spoilers might be included if you aren't caught up on the new season)

Dear NBC network,

So what is going on with Heroes?

I was so excited for the new season, and the two hour premiere was pretty awesome. However, now that we've passed episode four, I'm starting to get a bit annoyed.

How many times can we do the whole "alternate future, fix it" theme? Every season? Like, five times in every season? How many cliches can we possible shove into a single episode? How predictable can we possibly be? How many characters can we stuff into a single season? Can we jump around a little more? Because five minutes per scene is just enough to make me hardly give a poop.

My suggestion? A purge, dear NBC. Too many characters. Particularly Tracy Strauss. I could care less. And we just found out she's #2 of a set up triplets. Which means once we kill this version of the actress off, we'll have to suffer through another version of the same thing. Joy. That and she screams Emma Frost.

Also, Parkman and the dude in the desert is a boring arch. Making Parkman see the future was dumb. So now it's not a super power to paint the future, like Issac, it's an African drug and a walkman?

Evil Claire seems like a snotty teenage more than a super villain - though the concept is neat. But I want to see her evolve, not be fast forwarded to the end product. It would have been much more interesting to watch her slow downfall, not be told what's going to happen. (Of course, how would know to send Hiro and Peter to fix the future though, right?)

The speedy girl is just plain annoying. Period. Though she serves some purpose. But I didn't feel bad at all when she croaked. In the future. Drat, that means she's still going to be around...

Kill child, father goes insane and blow up half the planet. How many people didn't see that coming the moment we knew Sylar had a kid?

Linderman in Nathan's head. Meh. Boring. Nathan trying to be president. Been there, done that.

What I do like is Ando and Hiro's interactions, Evil Mom's unknown motives and the fact that Sylar is her son and she fed him another person with powers, and Noah and Sylar as partners. I liked Mohinder's experiment, but it did feel a bit cliche. I liked the idea of him dealing with controlling himself more than making him turn into a reptile. The mental struggle is more interesting than a physical one, at least to me.

Anyway, I hope we can get this monster under control. I like a lot of stuff, and enjoy watching it, but find myself a bit frustrated. NBC, please reign this puppy in. Concentrate on a slightly smaller cast, stop repeating the same story lines, and stop making us change the future once an episode.


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