Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heroes - Getting Warmer

Spoiler Alert! If you haven't watched the episode from 10/13/08, read no further!

Dear NBC network,

So, I hate you a little less this week. At the end of this episode, the disgust I felt was countered by a good chunk of "they're moving in the right direction."

Mohinder now is the great evil in the series? Please. This man was a great character, as he was, without turning him into the bugman. My bigger problem is that the change took place overnight. Slap a gimmick - "Villains" subtitle - on the series, change the world. Mohinder would have struggled with becoming a monster, based on the character he's been for two seasons. He would not become an insta-mass-murderer.

Villain Claire. Now, at first I was really angry. She was a complete overnight change as well with all fear sunddenly gone, but then she melted back some to something more believable. Thank you for showing a character struggling with the change they are undergoing. Was also interesting to bring Sylar into the picture, and the whole idea of Noah trying to make the Void-person kill Sylar was cool. Was a little predictable that the dude sucked himself into the vortex, but not too bad. However, why would Claire just be like "Okay Daddy" after she argued to not kill Sylar? Conflicting stuff here. But actually seeing Claire struggling with doing "bad" things was redeeming.

Peter going all wonky - ok, I can buy it from him, because we've seen him changing and I'd be pissed at my mom too if she was the super-beotch. Plus, he's dealing with Sylar's addictive power. At least we're getting to see a downward spiral some, instead of being force fed it.

Ando and Hiro - always enjoy their dialogue. But if there isn't something else going on behind Hiro killing Ando (which I firmly believe is a farce, and I better be correct) I'm boycotting the show, for real. Hiro would not kill Ando, unless it was an act. If he did, EPIC FAIL, and I quit on principle.

Nathan finding out his powers are fake - Now that was a cool twist I was hardly expecting. Nicely done. Explains the reason we had Tracy in the picture, even though I could still care less about her.

Thank you for finally starting to make the story lines converge. However, this was episode five. We should have been moving down this path a bit faster. Thank you for not cluttering this episode, however, by not visiting Parkman and Peter being incapacitated. It was much less jumpy, which made the episode better as a whole.

Now, the ending was cool. Original, with some twists. Finally we get to know the WTF about Linderman, which was making no sense whatsoever. The puppet master scene was neat - though I didn't need the super zoom on the puppets to reiterated what the scene and backdrop of puppets suggested (but hey, alot of people just don't get stuff unless it punches them in the face, so, I'm willing to overlook that one.) Also, the preview for next week looks awesome.

Is the tide turning, finally?

I sure hope so.

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