Monday, October 13, 2008

Hello sleep?

So last night I had a nightmare that I was getting my tonsils out (again)(again, as in, I already had my tonsils taken out about three years ago). Except this time I was awake while they were doing it. I was waving my hand, but they wouldn't stop. I felt them cut it out, then I spit out my tonsil. From there, they started sewing me up. ::shudder::

I woke up at 5 a.m. a bit unnerved. So I went to the bathroom, and came back to bed in an attempt to squeeze a bit more sleep out of the night. Then Chunky Butt decides she's hungry. Squeak, squeak, squeaky go little paws on my door.

First time I open the door, she gets a face full of water. Second time I open the door, she's clever enough to run out of range of my cup. So I screamed "GET OVER HERE!" (Very Scorpion style via Mortal Combat Fatality.), which terrified her enough to freeze and huddle against the carpet. Promptly, I chucked her in the second bedroom and locked her ass in.

So I get all cozy back in bed, ready to for a few more winks, when a bird starts squawking outside of the open window. Non-stop for like two minutes. I think this time I screamed something along the lines of "Are you F'ing kidding me!!!!??!?!" before slamming the window shut, so hard it bounced back open and I had to shut it again.

Lucky for Erik, as he was awake through all the drama, he kept his chuckling silent. We did share a good laugh (kind of) as we were getting ready for work.

Good news is, I'll certainly be overtired tonight, and hopefully have a coma after Heroes. (Or during, if it sucks again.)

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