Monday, October 20, 2008

Dallas Trip : Part Three : Studio 54

Our hotel was pretty close to what I would imagine the sex crazy 70's nightclub to be like.

Disclaimer: Erik picked out a nicer hotel, wanting us to be comfortable instead of shoved in some shoe box room in Motel 6. For all the teasing that will follow, it really was a nice place and we had a great time staying there. However, anyone who knows me shouldn't be surprised that I was pretty darn amused. Granted, the Hotel Lumen gave me quite a bit of ammunition.

When first pulled up, my attention was caught up by the colored windows, which changed from green to purple to blue as we pulled up. After getting directions, we parked and checked in. I got the keys to the hotel room, while Erik went out to put our parking pass in the car. (By the way, we had to pay for parking at the hotel. Apparently, parking in Dallas is worse than in Seattle.)

So I take the elevator up to floor three, and my halfway alseep brain can do nothing but focus on the carpet in the hallway.

To be honest, I was hearing "Stayin Alive" in my head while having the overwhelming urge to ditch my suitcase and bust out some fierce rollerskating moves in some bell bottoms. I contained myself, mostly due to the fact that I had no rollerskates.

The room was spacious, with a giant king sized bed with extra pillows for the win. So I flop down on the bed, and turn around to notice the shower is made of tinted glass. Not so odd, except for the fact that you can see into it. Well, there was a curtain too, hanging between the been and the shower. Of course, once you pulled that shut it covered...well...not a damn thing. This made me chuckle, but I was more impressed by the shower's "car wash" function to dwell much on the odd layout at that moment.

So Erik comes in and we both have a good laugh at the toilet. Overall, nothing fancy. What made it funny was the fact that there was a sliding door for just the toilet. And it ain't sound proof by any stretch of the imagination. I guess they wanted you and your significant other to feel close at all times, and by all times, we mean ALL times.

Next, pillow inspection.

Bed pillows get a green light from Erik.

And the shwaggy chair pillow reminds me to share with Erik that I feeling very much like a retro rollerskating star. And that the shower is really interesting. And that I think we might be in something like Studio 54.

He denies my accusation. So, as I always do in a hotel, I begin my routine of nosing my way through every nook and cranny in the entire place. And also proceed to prove him epically wrong.

So here's the closet.

Yes, those would be leopard print articles of attire. At this point, I'm still getting the argument "This is not Studio 54." So I start snooping around more, convinced that my gut instinct of rollerskating sex-capades was correct! Here's what I uncovered:

In case you forget your undergarments, you can buy some leopard version.

Need some mood lighting?

How about some emergency supplies?

Or perhaps some "in-ta-mints" - get it?

Though I really think this was the funniest thing I found. Ya know, just in case the neighbors are using that stuff from the minibar/closet. Hahahahah!

I think I proved my point. And we did spend most of the time in the car listening to the XM radio station I found called "The Groove." I'll just let you guess what music they played, all night long!

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