Monday, October 20, 2008

Dallas Trip : Part Four : The Reason for the Trip

was to go to the wedding!

Which we missed. No joke!

1. Erik had the wrong time. I still don't have the final verdict as to if his friend e-mailed him the wrong time, or Erik misread the e-mail. I may never know which was the case. hehe...

2. We got lost. We took a side ramp by mistake, which put us south instead of north of the church. We drove the wrong direction for a while, made a few U-turns, and pulled into the wrong parking lot which, ironically, had a bride standing outside the building. Go figure. Eventually, we found where we were supposed to be. Right after the wedding was over. I was introduced to the groom, Kenley, and we left for the reception.

3. The reception was really nice. It was at Melanie's, the bride, parents' house. They live in a really pretty neighborhood, and had the backyard set up with lights and flowers. (This was an evening wedding.) We had a few chances to talk with happy couple. They loved Erik's wedding gift for them - which was a pack of lolcat magnets. It was also really nice to hear how excited Kenley was that Erik and I were able to make it down to visit.

Good times. Erik felt great for making the trip, though he was disappointed that we didn't get to meet Kenley for lunch the next day for some Plucker's and fried pickles.

On a side note: I've discovered that control top pantie hose are the bomb (despite the fact that they're alternate function is certainly a torture device of some sort and they have the hidden capability of strangling a person they catch by surprise with relative ease). Aside from the pain that was involved in getting them past my thighs and over my ass, they were pretty comfortable once they were in place. And they did the impossible: They made my butt look smaller.

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