Monday, October 20, 2008

Dallas Trip : Part Five : My Blue Sparklie

Killing time is a dangerous thing. Particularly in the case of two gamers who are facing a five hour plane ride and are within driving distance of a Best Buy.

As the final stop in our Dallas trip, Erik and I went to Best Buy and dropped $319 in about twenty minutes.

Purchase list:

My Blue Sparklie - a blue Nintendo DS to match the black one we bought together a few months ago. I wanted a blue one when we got the first one, but they were sold out. Ah, for the little dreams being fulfilled. What can I say. We love each other very much, but gamers just don't share well when it comes to games. Seriously. How fair is it that one person gets to play while the other can't? (In all seriousness, we did share on the way down. I finished "The Witcher" and read part one of "Babylon Babies" on the plane ride to Dallas, while Erik play Sudoku and Brain Age 2 on the DS. Then, he let me use the DS to get some Brain Age action in while he read Hacker Quarterly. But why have one when you can have two though, cha'know?)

Car charger - We had about a 20 minute drive to charge the Sparklie before we had to turn over the keys to the rent a car.

Games - Even I can't justify why we needed this many games for the flight, being that we already had four in the carry on bag. We got: Final Fantasy IV remake, Nx (a ninja game that made Erik growl at the screen and shake the DS around a bunch), Civilization: Revolution, SimCity Builder, and New Super Mario World. We did play all of them except Final Fantasy IV between the two of us.

Being that we got to our gate at the airport almost two hours early, having the DSes worked out well. Passed the wait and the plane ride in a hurry, which is just what we needed at the end of a long weekend.

And now my Sparklie is all broken in for the long haul to Delaware this Christmas.

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