Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Lots to do this month.

Magazine assignments:
Good Works
ProFiles: So What Do You Do?
Article about the Employee Website

Still hacking away at the Executive Biographies, 25 year warehouse stories and my standard week-to-week content on the employee website.

In addition, there is the ever mounting concern of conquering space with my Spore creatures, and WAR starts next week (hehehe) Oh, and Erik's parents and cousin are visiting the end of this week. Oh, and I have a Photoshop class I'm taking at the local community college. Oh, and I need to finish my revision of my short story for Warrior Wisewomen. Oh, and I need to keep working on my manuscript. Oh, and summer is officially over.

September sucks. And here I thought being in school or being a teacher was the only reason to hate September.

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