Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Workin' Hard

Phew. Glad today is almost over. Made some awesome headway in my work load for work related thingies.

Also, went through some anthologies, trying to decide if/what I want to try submitting for next. I'm kind of excited about the premise of this one, mostly because of some of the authors they've already selected. Jean Rabe and Brain Ruckley! Would be pretty neat to be in the same anthology as them! Ironicly, this is also about big critters - same as my short story that is going to be published later this year. Weird.

Then, I looked into some online critique group/classes (which are expensive). And - ta-da! - finished the current round of revisions for my (still) unnamed short story for Warrior Wisewomen.

Now if 5:00 would come on and get here, I can go home and finish taking over the Spore universe.

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