Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I has new living space!

Tuesday is here, and I am all moved in. Technically, you could argue that I was moved in Sunday, even though maneuvering was difficult. As of last night, the furniture is arranged, and the slow process of bring boxes up from the garage has begun. Overall, not to shabby.

Days moving stuff: 2 1/2
Panic attacks: 1
Hours cleaning the old place: 3
Couch hefted over the balcony: 1
Boxes in my garage: too many
Times I got peed on: 1
Times I considered killing my cat: 1
$50 shower head with seven settings: 1
Stuff that got broken: 0
Injuries: 1
Scuff marks on the wall: Erik 1, Erin 1

The townhouse is really nice. Three floors, if you count the garage. Also, we're at the back of the complex and the top of the hill, which means no one behind us and a great view. Two bedrooms, two and half baths, end unit. It's very close to the mailbox, but a bit of a walk to the dumpster. The kitchen has a pantry that's HUGE. Pretty awesome stuff. I'll be sure to take some pictures once everything is set up and pretty, before we make a mess!

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