Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What to write...

So I finally finished my next short story (my third; A small btw: I currently have my second story submitted to another anthology with Permuted Press. No news yet, which is, in theory, good news. The reading period closes on August 31st, and anyone being considered for acceptance will be held until the reading period is over), which is stubbornly refusing to let me know what it wants to be titled. It's sent off to my writing group and will be critiqued on Monday. Fun stuff. Haven't had a writing group of more than three people since college.

I started this last short story after reading about this anthology. It's been a good exercise for a number of reasons. Since it is about a historical character in the novel I'm currently working on, it gave me a chance to iron out some of the events that happened in the past of my world and get a better grip on my mythology. It also helped me tie down a timeline - something I had been avoiding. Plus, what a fun topic to write about, cha'know?

So now I'm forced to decide what to focus on next. I'm seven chapters into my new idea (science fiction, with a spaceship, fungus and lots of guns), which I'll call "Dark" for the sake of keeping my never-ending horde of ideas organized. The other option is continuing to create new short stories for various anthologies that are accepting submissions. Or, take a stab at the idea for a zombie book, as Permuted is open for novel submissions currently. Or: November is National Novel Writing Month, so I was considering doing the zombie idea then, as an exercise if nothing else, since I don't really have anything developed for it yet. Or there's the book about my character Alacrity. Or the manuscript of doom, my first complete work, that needs a chainsaw taken to it for the sake of reducing to a word count within the realm of reasonably insane. (Not.)

Or... Or... Or...

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