Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not everything we write is fun.

It is my decision, after much deliberation, that executive biographies fall into the category of stuff I seriously DO NOT WANT.

Three out of nine in the can, plus three from earlier this year, makes a total of twelve biographies to be completed by tomorrow. Fortunately, I'm getting some help from my co-workers. Still, do not want. I would much rather be working on chapter eight of "the dark book," but alas, that's not what they pay me for.

I suppose I've decided that "the dark book" wins out on the what to write quandary. I currently have one short story out for consideration, and other in the editing process to be submitted. If those don't pan out, I'll dive back in to the short story market. But what I really need is another finished manuscript that's actually marketable. I'm finding so many agents that seem like they might be a good fit!

26,811 words and counting...

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