Friday, August 29, 2008


The International Partners Human Resources Meeting is a three day long series of events which involves, you guessed it, our international partners for various things - including international versions of our employee magazine and intranet - come to the good ole USofA to discuss various stuff. Part of this shindig includes taking the international visitors to go do some fun stuff in the area. One such fun thing is to be a bowling event.

Do I hate bowling? Not really. I suck at it, but I don't despise it. Last year we had a lot of fun, and I was quite impressed by Acme Bowling's pimped out bowling lounge, which was equipped with insane lights and a visual vat of porn playing on giant TV screens. Oh, and lets not forget the neon lighting. I also got to listen to my boss make swishing sword sounds on the car ride home to our self imposed theme music of "Black Blade." Good times.

My issue is that this wonderful even is planned from 5-8 pm on September 18th. Do we all remember what that day is? Do we? The Day of Reckoning? The official beginning of Warhammer Online, which I have been looking forward to forever. -.- I was doing my best to try to weasel a day off in that week to binge play for headstart (which, OH HAI EA MYTHIC are you ever planning to tell us when this is?).

All hope is not lost. My boss is back Tuesday, and I fully intend to give large puppy dog eyes and whimper, to see if perhaps I can sneaky my way out of bowling.

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