Friday, August 29, 2008

This weekend is going to ROCK!

My weekend:

Friday: Leave work at 2:00 pm-ish. PAX day one. Going see Babylon A.D. in theaters.

Saturday: PAX day two. Warhammer Online people will be there this day! Eat Cheesecake Factory. I can has some swag?

Sunday: PAX day three. Bioware will be there to talk about Dragon Age: Origins! Eat more Cheesecake Factory. Hopefully, obtain some more swag!

Monday: Paid Holiday! Woots! Attend writing group and get my short story critiqued.


The International Partners Human Resources Meeting is a three day long series of events which involves, you guessed it, our international partners for various things - including international versions of our employee magazine and intranet - come to the good ole USofA to discuss various stuff. Part of this shindig includes taking the international visitors to go do some fun stuff in the area. One such fun thing is to be a bowling event.

Do I hate bowling? Not really. I suck at it, but I don't despise it. Last year we had a lot of fun, and I was quite impressed by Acme Bowling's pimped out bowling lounge, which was equipped with insane lights and a visual vat of porn playing on giant TV screens. Oh, and lets not forget the neon lighting. I also got to listen to my boss make swishing sword sounds on the car ride home to our self imposed theme music of "Black Blade." Good times.

My issue is that this wonderful even is planned from 5-8 pm on September 18th. Do we all remember what that day is? Do we? The Day of Reckoning? The official beginning of Warhammer Online, which I have been looking forward to forever. -.- I was doing my best to try to weasel a day off in that week to binge play for headstart (which, OH HAI EA MYTHIC are you ever planning to tell us when this is?).

All hope is not lost. My boss is back Tuesday, and I fully intend to give large puppy dog eyes and whimper, to see if perhaps I can sneaky my way out of bowling.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not everything we write is fun.

It is my decision, after much deliberation, that executive biographies fall into the category of stuff I seriously DO NOT WANT.

Three out of nine in the can, plus three from earlier this year, makes a total of twelve biographies to be completed by tomorrow. Fortunately, I'm getting some help from my co-workers. Still, do not want. I would much rather be working on chapter eight of "the dark book," but alas, that's not what they pay me for.

I suppose I've decided that "the dark book" wins out on the what to write quandary. I currently have one short story out for consideration, and other in the editing process to be submitted. If those don't pan out, I'll dive back in to the short story market. But what I really need is another finished manuscript that's actually marketable. I'm finding so many agents that seem like they might be a good fit!

26,811 words and counting...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What to write...

So I finally finished my next short story (my third; A small btw: I currently have my second story submitted to another anthology with Permuted Press. No news yet, which is, in theory, good news. The reading period closes on August 31st, and anyone being considered for acceptance will be held until the reading period is over), which is stubbornly refusing to let me know what it wants to be titled. It's sent off to my writing group and will be critiqued on Monday. Fun stuff. Haven't had a writing group of more than three people since college.

I started this last short story after reading about this anthology. It's been a good exercise for a number of reasons. Since it is about a historical character in the novel I'm currently working on, it gave me a chance to iron out some of the events that happened in the past of my world and get a better grip on my mythology. It also helped me tie down a timeline - something I had been avoiding. Plus, what a fun topic to write about, cha'know?

So now I'm forced to decide what to focus on next. I'm seven chapters into my new idea (science fiction, with a spaceship, fungus and lots of guns), which I'll call "Dark" for the sake of keeping my never-ending horde of ideas organized. The other option is continuing to create new short stories for various anthologies that are accepting submissions. Or, take a stab at the idea for a zombie book, as Permuted is open for novel submissions currently. Or: November is National Novel Writing Month, so I was considering doing the zombie idea then, as an exercise if nothing else, since I don't really have anything developed for it yet. Or there's the book about my character Alacrity. Or the manuscript of doom, my first complete work, that needs a chainsaw taken to it for the sake of reducing to a word count within the realm of reasonably insane. (Not.)

Or... Or... Or...

Who else is playing WAR?

With the fun fast approaching, Erik and I have created a forum to keep in touch with the people we plan to play Warhammer with. Did I forget to ask someone if they wanted to play? Eek! Well, if I did, just wander on over to the forums, and join the fun!

Monday, August 25, 2008

WAR is over...for now!

Much to my dismay, the preview servers for Warhammer Online are now offline. I was hoping to get one more round of battle in when I got off work tonight, but alas, I am denied. Regardless of this disappointment, the weekend was pretty fun!

We started off Friday night when Erik got home from work, creating two Chaos lackeys. He picked a Marauder named Gradient, so I decided to be a healer. A healer with a skull and a hunchback, otherwise known as a Zealot. As I was making my character, I was reminded of a book I recently read and enjoyed quite a bit: Scar Night by Alan Campbell, which was brought to my attention after reading an update on Jacqueline Carey's website. Scarred and crazy, with black hair and eyes, I dubbed my toon Carnival.

So we set off on our first night, hacking down some goodie two shoes and hordes of undead critters. Erik got his first taste of Public Quests, which he felt would be much more fun with more friends. As we have more than half a dozen people planning to join us on the Day of Reckoning, problem solved! Saturday was much the same, including a crazy good drop from a helpless level one rat, which resulted in the slaughter of many helpless woodland creatures in the hopes of more lootage. We did a few more PQ's, but otherwise stuck to PvE. Sunday was some time for some RvR action and a PvP scenario, and then some dangerous exploration. I wandered along a massive glacier swarming with yetis, and came face to face with a level 40 yeti who had his very own lair and screen shaking scream. Erik, on the other hand, ventured in enemy territory, and dodged a few epic level servants of Order. All and all, a good start. We got to level 11 before calling it a night.

When Erik wouldn't play with me, I spent some time as Khaine's hand of doom again, and played around on the good guys' side as a Shadow Warrior High Elf (think Legolas, but not restricted to blond hair).

Is it September 18th yet?

Friday, August 22, 2008

WAR is coming.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is almost here. I was lucky enough to get picked for some closed beta action last week, and I must say I'm impressed. Nothing quite says evil like healing your allies by splashing them with blood of your enemies. In case you were wondering, I spent most of my time playing for team Destruction as a Disciple of Khaine. Personally, I think Public Quests are the wave of the MMO future. Such a cool idea, and it's implemented fabulously.

Now that closed beta is over, today marks the beginning of preview weekend, which will include many cans of soda, microwavable meals, crumbs in the keyboard, and quality time with the boyfriend. I tried to start the weekend early by complaining about a "headache" to my boss, but unfortunately blubbering about my excitement of the game to my co-workers has foiled my escape plan. Rats.

My first post. :)

Since my first published piece of fiction is due out soon, I’m going to tell everyone to go visit the Permuted Press. And, of course, say thanks to Ryan C. Thomas, who really was enjoyable to work with, helpful and encouraging. I can’t wait to see the finished product!